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We are a family owned Company, having been in the cotton business for four generations. Our Ginnery was among the first to be setup in Kenya way back in 1935. Therefore we are well experienced in all aspects of the cotton business and strive to form strong long term relationships, for the mutual benefit of all our partners.

We manage to weather the challenges facing Kenya’s cotton sector through using innovative business models and most importantly our determination and passion to grow this sector and uplift our farming communities.


Our Operations

Our business encompasses three main areas.

The first side is contract farming, which involves contracting Farmers within Kitui, Meru and Lamu Counties to grow cotton for us. These Farmers are set up as smaller groups, which lie under a larger farmer’s umbrella co-operative body. We provide them with inputs such as planting seed and pesticides on a loan basis, and recover this loan when they bring the cotton to sell to us. We buy cotton from them on a cash on delivery basis, in order to motivate them to grow more. Currently we work with around 7,000 small scale farmers.

The second side to our business is processing, where we gin the cotton and separate the fibre from the seed. We further refine this fibre and compress it into 190kg bales, which are sold to local spinners and exported to India and Bangladesh. The fibre (lint) is converted into yarn then textiles. The seed is crushed in our oil mill, to yield cotton seed oil and cake. We convert the cotton seed oil into bio-diesel for our own use as well as for supply to the UN Office in Nairobi, several eco-lodges and our Power Africa project. The cotton seed cake is sold as animal feed and is a vital component in the dairy and poultry industry.

The third aspect of our business involves trading. We source lint from Tanzania and Uganda to supply to our clients. We also procure other agricultural commodities like green grams, cow peas, pigeon peas and mangoes from our Farmer networks, and export them.

We employ 15 full time staff at our plant, and 75 casual staff who run the factory; and therefore are a major employer of people within Kitui County.


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