Cotton Ginning Operations

We contract our farmers through an input scheme to grow cotton on our behalf. We process the cotton at our ginnery and separate it into fibre and seed. The fibre is refined and compressed into 200kg bales. This are sold to local testile mills and exported to spinners mainly in Bangladesh and Vietnam, the seed is then sent to our oil mill for further processing.


Trading Operation

Our farmer network also grow for us green grams (moong), yellow grams and pigeon peas, which we process and pack in bulk for export mainly to India, UAE and Saudi Arabia. This is a new line which we are seeking to scale, Our combined exports for pulses was 350 metric tonnes for the year 2017. 



We aim to improve the lives of our Farmers network and the envoronment we operate in. To achieve this we engage in climate smart agriculture through the use of resilient hybrid seeds and irrigation, to migate climate change.Our plant and vehicles fully operate on bio-fuel whic is created from our process by product. Furthermore we are in the process by product.


Oil Mill

At the Oil Mill we crush the cotton seeds and convert them into crude cotton seed oil and cotton seed cake. The cotton seed cake is a major feed component in the dairy and poultry sectors and we combine it with other agents to produce complete animal feed.The crude oil is further processed into bio-diesel, edible oil and detergent.